Sam Worthington is really moving in on the larger than life superhero, man of the hour genre of action films. Being a Terminator, a Greek god, and a Na’vi just aren’t enough because according to Pajiba he’s about to take on the role of Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future. The old school comic character who made his debut in the 1950s will get a live action update featuring Worthington as the title character.

According to their source, Worthington has officially signed on to star as Dan Dare, the British comic character that was acquired by Virgin gazillionaire Richard Branson. Dare was created by Frank Hampson and believe it or not it’s one of the most successful comics in U.K. history, therefore who’s surprised that they want to make a movie about this guy?

When Branson originally bought the rights to the property he brought on writer Garth Ennis to create a darker more serious tone for the comic. Once that happened, the plan was to take it to the theater creating a live action film and even though it’s taken them forever to do so, it’s finally happening.

Warner Bros has picked up the property and signed Worthington to star but no director is currently attached. I really hope they do something about that title because Pilot of the Future doesn’t do it for me. I’m also not sure how many Americans are familiar with the character because as a child comics were my life and this is my first time ever hearing about this guy.

What do you think about Worthington starring as Dan Dare? Are you familiar with the comics?