Could Katherine Heigl be hanging up her scrubs for good at Seattle Grace? New reports have surfaced stating that the actress will finally leave “Grey’s Anatomy” after being a regular for six seasons. It’s no secret that she’s had a bumpy ride with the show and its creator Shonda Rhimes over the past few years and her character Izzie hasn’t exactly been an active part of the landscape lately, so it looks like her exit is imminent.

Heigl’s stay at Grey’s has been littered with conflict and sources are confirming exclusively to EW’s Michael Ausiello that Rhimes has given the actress what she’s wanted all along, her walking papers. It’s now in the hands of ABC Studios and Heigl’s reps to decide the next stage of her exit from the show. It shouldn’t be that hard to write her out because she’s been gone the majority of the current season on maternity leave. What’s a few more episodes?

The actress was scheduled to return to work on March 1st to finish up the final five episodes of the season, but guess what? March 1st came and went, and she never approached the sound stage. It sounds like it’s a done deal. Izzie is out and the Grey’s crew will just have to move on. From what I’ve been hearing her character isn’t the most beloved to begin with and her exit shouldn’t heavily hinder the show. Winning an Emmy in 2007, gaining film recognition for Knocked Up, and headlining a string of mediocre romantic comedies has warranted her a release (sarcasm), don’t you think?

Will you miss Heigl on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think she should remain with the show?