Fans of the Fox series “24” need to prepare themselves for an emotional roller-coaster this season, and I’m not talking about the show’s current storyline. There’s been a whole will they or won’t they debate going on with Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, and the show’s producers regarding the decision to renew the series for a 9th season. According to EW, if the network opts out of bringing Jack back, NBC will be more than happy to pick up the pieces.

Multiple sources have revealed to Ausiello that the peacock network is ready and willing to take “24″ off Fox’s hands if they don’t renew the series. They’re saying that 20th Century Fox approached NBC about taking over and according to an insider “There’s definitely some interest.” At the moment reps from both studios refuse to comment, which means we’re free to speculate on what we think will happen.

If the show does pop up on a new network it will prolong the plans for a “24″ movie, because producers claim that it would be nearly impossible to have a film and the show coexist simultaneously. Also, the likelihood that NBC would pick up a program with such a hefty price tag is illogical. The network has been in the rating’s dump lately and they’ve been on a cost-cutting tirade for the past few years. Kiefer Sutherland and Jack Bauer don’t come cheap.

Hopefully, this is wishful thinking because NBC’s dramas are mediocre (their comedies are great) and it just doesn’t seem like a good fit. I’d take CBS or even ABC before those guys.

Do you think NBC should pick up 24 or should Fox try to make it work for another season? Would you watch if the show jumped networks?