Just released was the poster for The City of Your Final Destination starring Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. The films is about a student, Omar Razaghi, who wins a grant to write a biography about Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar has to connect and get authorization from three very different people who were close to Gund – his brother, widow, and younger mistress – in order to finish the book.

Sounds like a rich drama. Whenever you see Hopkins and Linney in the same film, you know it’s going to be deep and most likely there will be some tears involved. One thing is for sure, the poster definitely has the beautiful and artistic look of one of director James Ivory‘s films.

Check out the poster released by BKPR…

The films opens in NY on April 16th and LA on April 23.

What do you think? 2011 Oscar film?