America has spoken. Even though a huge cloud of negative energy surrounded Jay Leno’s return to “The Tonight Show,” he’s managed to prevail. Remember when everyone said they were through with him after the underhanded way he and NBC handled Conan O’Brien? I guess those folks changed their tune, because Leno is back at number one leaving David Letterman, “Nightline,” and Jimmy Kimmel in the dust.

According to EW, Leno has managed to reclaim the top spot in the realm of late night television after being back on “The Tonight Show” for less than two weeks. For the week ending in March 5th, the show beat out the competition for the demographic of adults 18-49 and total viewers.

According to the final numbers released by NBC, “The Tonight Show” “averaged 1.94 million adults in the 18-49 demo and 5.58 million total viewers; Letterman, in comparison, averaged 1.30 million adults and 3.66 million total viewers. Leno also outranked Letterman among adults 18-34.”

This is the first time the show has beaten Letterman in the ratings since its return from hiatus. During O’Brien’s run, Letterman consistently topped the 11:30 PM time slot. I’ll admit that Leno has had a decent line up of guests over the past week so I’m not surprised that people tuned in, but who knew he would shoot back to number 1 so fast? What happened to all those people who said they weren’t interested in the show once he returned?

Have you been watching The Tonight Show With Jay Leno? Why do you think it’s doing so well in the ratings?