The multi-talented Duplass Brothers are embarking on their latest film journey, which will be a stoner comedy starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms. Both actors have a knack for delivering a funny line or two, and they know a little something about “acting” like their under the influence. The film is entitled, Jeff Who Lives at Home and it’s currently set for production over at Paramount.

Jeff Who Lives at Home, will center on two brothers (no surprise there) who are the exact opposite of each other. Segel’s character will be more loose and free-spirited while Helms’ will be “more together but overbearing.” The plot of the film will chronicle a day in the life of the siblings, which will include involvement from their mother and Helm’s wife. The mother has yet to be cast, but the wife will be played by Judy Greer.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next month in Louisiana, and hopefully by that time the mom will be cast. I have to admit that Judy Greer being on board is a major plus, because she’s such a talented comedic actress. She recently appeared on an episode of ABC’s “Modern Family” and was a complete scene stealer. Also, the Duplass Brothers are a great writing and directing duo so we can expect some grade A material from them here.

What do you think about Segel and Helms playing brothers in a film? Who should they cast as the mom?

Source: Reuters