Premiering this week, CNN brings the documentary of Steven Stanton’s life-changing gender transformation to television for the very first time in Her Name was Steven.  As City Manager of Largo, Florida, Steve Stanton seemed to have the ideal life with a wife and son at home, a well-paying job and most importantly the respect and admiration of  his peers. But all this was soon to change.

In early 2007 a local newspaper revealed Stanton’s plans for sexual reassignment which ignited a national media firestorm. Her Name was Steven tells the story of how one person’s private struggle for gender identity and acceptance which became a public spectacle where people were quick to judge. The 80 minute intimate documentary shows Stanton’s struggles through the whole process.

Her Name Was Steven

Son, Travis, reads card to transgender dad…

What do you think of the idea of CNN showing this film? What do you think of Steven Stanton’s decision to put his transformation on film?