I have one thing to say to you people out there… “Get your game face on.” If that one line doesn’t epitomize this movie I don’t know what does. Sure it’s a political thriller, but lets get down to it, this is no Syriana, this is an action film, and even more to the point it’s a Bourne film with a lead that has no special fighting powers and a bit of a political edge.

Lets not get too deep with this one, lets do what the film needed to do, get to the point and get out…

The Players:

The Good:

  • Greg Kinnear: Such a charming bad guy. He’s great to have on screen and always brings something interesting and unexpected even to the most obvious characters.
  • Matt Damon: This is no Oscar-worthy performance, but he does a good job. He sells the cheesy lines admirably and overall holds the film together.
  • Politics: The political message in the film is a bit surface level but I did do a good job at showing that there are multiple perspectives in war, that there are good and bad guys on both sides of the line, the government is out for their own interests, and Bush is an idiot – that I definitely liked!

The Bad:

  • The Shaky Cam: I get that the shaky camera gives the film a more “authentic” feel, but there’s got to be a line drawn somewhere. There was so much of it that it felt like they were intentionally trying to distract me from ever seeing what was going on in the scene. Sometimes it’s nice to just watch a movie instead of being a part of it.
  • The Runtime: At 115 minutes the film lags. After 90 minutes of “go team” action packed, shoot um up violence the film’s pace never changes and it starts to melt the mind. Although they filled the 115 minutes, it could have been cut and even more condensed.


There are times when Green Zone is a fun ride and it does have a good message, but for a number of reasons it just didn’t “wow” me. Both Greengrass and Damon are more than capable of doing so and although this was a good film, it was just that.

Rating: 6.75/10

Green Zone is in theaters March 12th!


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