Has everyone forsaken Spider-Man? First the idea of a reboot was shoved down our throats and now we’re hearing that the stage adaptation is hitting the skids too. Evan Rachel Wood was set to star as one of the most important characters in the Spidey universe, Mary Jane Watson, but now she’s out.

According to Variety, the blond, sometimes brunette, other times red-head won’t appear in the Spider-Man musical that we’ve been hearing about for over a year. Producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, recently announced new dates for the show and in the middle of that they confirmed that Wood is out as MJ but Alan Cumming is still on board as the Green Goblin and Reeve Carney as Peter Parker.

“Evan Rachel Wood has departed ‘Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’ due to a scheduling conflict,” producers said in a statement. “Casting is underway to find a new Mary Jane to join the rest of the cast in the production.”

It’s always that infamous, “scheduling conflict” that ruins everything isn’t it? Who could they possibly get to replace her? Maybe an actress who’s more accustomed to theater or a no name who’s plate isn’t so full? The big budget production was set to start this spring but because of financial concerns and now casting, who knows when it will officially begin.

Who do you think could replace Wood on stage? Are you interested in seeing the musical?