Wall Street Money Never Sleeps was originally scheduled to hit theaters next month but according to a recent report from THR, it’s not happening. The film was slated to debut on April 23rd, and now it won’t appear during the spring at all. It won’t even make the cut during the summer blockbuster season, instead it will premiere this fall in September.

There hasn’t been a definite reason given why 20th Century Fox decided to bump the movie back two seasons, but it will pop up in theaters on September 24th and not a day sooner. The competition opening that week includes Kevin McDonald’s Eagle of the Ninth and Zack Snyder’s Legend of the Guardians, which could spell disaster for the film on the box office front. Legend of the Guardians could tap into that golden family demographic and walk away with the top spot that weekend.

I’ll admit, the trailer does make it look a lot better than I thought it would but this delay worries me. Either the studio is trying to get in on some awards season action, or the movie isn’t all that great. Hopefully, it’s not the latter but these days you never know.

Why do you think Fox pushed the release date for Wall Street 2 back? Do you think this a bad sign?