Who hasn’t tried to re-do the chest-bursting scene in Ridley Soctt’s sci-fi horror film, Alien? It has become so infamous that people have created spoof after spoof, one trying to out “burst” the other. One of the funniest has to be the one in the comedy Spaceballs. The idea of having an alien creature grow inside your body and then all of a sudden rip out of your chest is horrifying to most.

However, to some it is a way to express creativity.  Unrealitymag has gathered a gallery of photos showing those people who have taken the later approach and have re-created the infamous scene. People went their own special unique way and came up with some interesting interpretations of the scene.

Check out some of our “Photos of the Day” below…

Want to see more? Go to unrealitymag for all the photos in their gallery.

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