Over at Yahoo, they’ve debuted a new trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming film, Robin Hood. It features Oscar winner Russell Crowe in the title role, and it’s a darker more epic take on the English tale. The actor’s joined by another Academy Award winner in Cate Blanchett who plays his love interest Maid Marian, and in this trailer she gets into just as many fights as the men…

In Robin Hood, the Earl of Huntington (Crowe) has returned to his North English village after fighting in the Third Crusade. Upon arrival, the nobleman and his servants discover the oppression caused by Nottingham’s new Sheriff (Matthew Macfadyen). Robin along with his band of Merry Men use their intelligence and military skills to free his home village from tyranny and corruption by taking back what is rightfully his. Robin must also win the affection of the recently widowed Maid Marian (Blanchett), while attempting to lead a successful revolt.

Similar to the international trailer, this one starts off with a narration detailing Robin Hood’s dead father who’s described as a visionary. We’re set up to see Robin embark on a journey of vengeance against the king and he’s labeled an outlaw because of it. My favorite part of this trailer is the Cate Blanchett fight scene. She plays Marian as very strong and she even threatens to sever Robin’s manhood at one point. You’ve got to respect a woman who knows how to set boundaries.

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Robin Hood debuts in theaters on May 14, 2010.

What do you think of the new trailer for Robin Hood? Are you interested in seeing the film?