Last night’s episode of “Lost” was entitled, “Dr. Linus,” and it centered on my favorite character on the show. Ben was on the outside looking in when his dark little secret regarding Jacob was discovered and his life was on the line thanks to “Jacob’s bodyguard,” Illana. Jacob’s loyal follower was in the mood to put a hurtin’ on the castaway due to his actions towards the only father figure she’s ever known. We also got a peek into the alternate timeline where Dr. Linus, the history professor, exhibited some classic Ben behavior to get his way.

The Players:

  • Director: Mario Van Peebles
  • Writer/Creators: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams
  • Cast: Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia, Daniel Dae Kim, Ken Leung, Emilie de Ravin, Yunjin Kim, Nestor Carbonell, Ken Leung, Terry O’Quinn, Naveen Andrews, Zuleikha Robinson, Jeff Fahey, Tania Raymonde, Daniel Roebuck

The Shows Plot:

“Lost” centers on the survivors of the ill fated Oceanic Flight 815 who crashed on a mysterious island. They fight the elements, the island’s mysteries, and each other while trying to survive in uncharted territory.

Title of this Week’s Episode: “Dr. Linus” Season 6: Episode 7

In “Dr. Linus,” Miles reveals that Ben was the one that killed Jacob NOT Pseudo-Locke, which doesn’t make Ilana a happy camper. She then ties him up and forces him to dig a grave because she plans on killing him and tossing him in it later. In the alternate timeline, Ben’s a history teacher who cares more about his students and the school than the Principal. He learns some inside info about his boss and is given the opportunity to either blackmail or ignore the Principal’s sorted past in order to save a student.

The Good:

  • Ben: Michael Emerson did a great job in this episode. He always knows how to blend drama and humor in a way that only Ben can. His reaction after Miles called him out for murdering Jacob was priceless, “Psychics are so unreliable.” It was also great to see him breakdown emotionally and show that all he really wants is acceptance from a group, any group.
  • Richard: Poor Richard. He’s been blessed/cursed with Wolverine-like healing capabilities and he’s lost the will to live. Throughout the show’s entire run he’s always been a step ahead of everyone else because of his relationship with Jacob but now he’s “lost” like the rest of us.
  • Alex’s Return: In the alternate timeline Alex, Ben’s adopted daughter from the island, made an appearance but in student form at his high school. Rather than follow his own desire for power and control, Ben decided to put her needs first when the corrupt Principal used her as leverage against his blackmailing efforts. It was a nice ending considering what happened the last time Alex’s future was in Ben’s hands.
  • The Return of Mr. Widmore: He’s back!! Penny’s dad is back for revenge after all those years he was exiled from the island. I’m not sure what he has planned but it doesn’t look good.

The Bad:

  • Illana: I get that Ilana was pissed at Ben because he killed Jacob, but the way she stomps around with a gun attached to her hip is getting annoying. She barks orders at everyone and expects them to follow her even though she doesn’t have a clear understanding of what Jacob wants her to do. She exhibited all this contempt for Ben the majority of the episode, then randomly decides that he can stay at the camp with the rest of the group. That change in her didn’t fit and it wasn’t nearly dramatic enough.


Dr. Linus wasn’t necessarily a major episode that gave us a bridge from one point to the next, it was just about Ben gaining some type of redemption for shanking Jacob “Oz” style in last season’s finale. He’s come a long way since he was introduced as the corrupt, manipulative leader of The Others 5 years ago.

Rating: 8/10

Show Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC


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Was there anything new you learned from last night’s episode of “Lost?” Is there anything that I’m missing?