Sunday night’s Oscar winner for Best Documentary, The Cove will join forces with the Animal Planet cable network. According to the LA Times, the enlightening film has been turned into an ongoing series that will be aired on the cable channel. Can you imagine all the knowledge and exposure that will be shed on this topic if it’s shown on a regular basis?

The TV series is currently going by the title, “Dolphin Warriors,” and in terms of its story it will pick up right where the film left off. It will also feature animal activist Ric O’Barry, who’s already completed two episodes for the new series. According to the network, the show might debut this fall after The Cove makes its television debut on the Animal Planet.

The Cove tells the story of an annual rite in Taiji, Japan, where fisherman sell dolphins into captivity or kill them for meat. As depicted in the film, the practice is cruel and the dolphin meat contains risky levels of mercury.

O’Barry used to be a dolphin trainer during the 1960′s before a traumatic event caused him to end his career. He realized that dolphins shouldn’t be kept in captivity and began to work against their capture and seclusion. The TV show “Dolphin Warriors” will answer some of the questions that you may have after seeing the movie like whether or not the slaughter continues or if the Japanese still unknowingly eat mercury-laden dolphin meat.

The documentary has drawn so much attention to this heartbreaking subject matter that one can only imagine what type of light a regular series will shed on the topic. Prepare to be exposed dolphin predators.

Will you watch Dolphin Warriors when it heads to TV? Were you a fan of The Cove?