The upcoming sci-fi film from director Miguel Sapochnik entitled Repo Men will hit theaters on March 19th, and a special cut of the trailer has been released. Not only that, but you can get involved with the film’s interactive marketing campaign by helping “The Union” track down vital pieces of merchandise. Check out the trailer and the games below…

You can now play the new Repo Men game conveniently titled, REPO MEN COMETH. Your job is to collect artiforge (artificial organs) as they are overdue. Don’t harm the innocent civilians and be sure to play nice with The Union’s paying customers. In order to play the game you’ll need to visit the official website and register.

If you’re confused as to who The Union is, they’re the company responsible for the artiforge movement and they own the world’s most cutting-edge technology in organ replacement.

We also have Repo Hunt, which is another game that asks you to use your wits to track down anyone in possession of an artiforge. The hunt has been on for 13 days, and every day, each runner must complete a task, through these tasks, the Repo Men have been able to figure out where each of the runners have been at some point during the run. If the runners don’t complete their task, their GPS coordinates are released to the Repo Men… no one has been caught…yet.

Here’s the director’s cut of the trailer…

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Don’t forget about the original Red Band version of the trailer too!

What do you think of the latest trailer for Repo Men? What do you think about the film’s premise?