Best Actress Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe is taking the necessary steps to continue her Hollywood career by starring in the Showtime original series, “The Big C.” It will be a dramatic change from her role in Precious that had her playing an abused teen overwhelmed in Harlem. In this case, Laura Linney will be taking on the grunt of the work and Sidibe will be a part of her supporting cast.

According to Coming Soon, Sidibe will star in “The Big C,” a dark half an hour comedy about a suburban housewife who’s trying to reclaim her life after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Linney will star as the lead character named Cathy, and Sidibe will play a smart alecky student in her class. Her husband will be played by Oliver Platt, who is described as “immature, but well-meaning.”

“The Big C” was created and written by Darlene Hunt, who will also serve as executive producer alongside Linney. Production starts this summer for a 13 episode shoot. Sidibe’s character will appear in the pilot and in several more episodes as a recurring guest star.

Congrats to Gabby! She’s continuing to make moves in the industry by capitalizing on her new found fame. We hope it leads her to productive and successful places.

What do you think about Gabourey Sidibe joining The Big C? Are you ready to see her in another type of role?