The 82nd Annual Academy Awards were filled with history making moments but overall left much to be desired. If I could describe the ceremony in one word it would be, “awkward.” There were several decent moments during the show, but nothing to write home about. Unfortunately, whatever good performances or sketches that were shown last night got overshadowed by several giant elephants standing in the room. What was so bad? Why did they suck? Here’s your answer…

The Oscars didn’t have to be 3 hours long.

If they cut out the unnecessary introduction of the Best Actor and Actress nominees in the very beginning and during their categories they could have shaved off a huge chunk of time. How many times did they have to say their names? I know who Sandra Bullock is. I’m familiar with Jeff Bridges work, does he have to be introduced three times? How does that make the supporting actors feel? Whose idea was that? Awkward.

The Opening With Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin was horrible.

These are two talented actors who are ridiculously funny separately, but stale and dry together. All the insults they were hurling at the audience members fell flat, and the worst joke of all had to do with James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow’s former marriage. How many times are they going to let that past relationship overshadow Bigelow’s history making year? The man’s current wife was sitting right next to him. She’s probably sick of hearing about those two at this point. Awkward.

In Memoriam Segment

The memoriam segment has already received a heavy backlash because they left out both Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur from their annual montage. You could argue that Fawcett hadn’t done a lot of films but neither had Michael Jackson and he was on there. Then you could say, Farrah passed away after the cut off point for the show but you can’t because her and Jackson died on the same day. What the f*ck Oscars?!

Modern Dance Musical Performance

Did we really see some B-boys pop-locking to the score from The Hurt Locker? Did my eyes deceive me? This was the most mixed matched collaboration of performers ever. The dancers were really talented but it was horrible to see their skills used in such a weird way. We shouldn’t have been surprised since the Oscars were produced by one of the judges from “So You Think You Can Dance,” but it was still excruciating to watch. Once again, awkward.

Crappy Camera/Editing Work

Half of the camera crew and editing team should have been fired because they picked the worse people to do close ups on at the wrong times. A prime example was George Clooney, who was obviously not feeling the vibe last night. They kept doing cutaways to him looking very annoyed. At one point, he actually pointed to the camera and gave it the bug-eyed go away look. He was seriously pissed, and I can’t blame him. Awkward.

African American Cutaways

As an African American, there’s one thing that always gets under my skin at award shows. Whenever someone wins for something they always do cutaways to other African Americans in the audience. They did this for Precious when it won Best Adapted screenplay and they showed the cast, producers, and then Morgan Freeman! Did he have a part in the movie? Was he involved in some way? Well, why was he shown? It was a bit much.

The Tribute to Horror

There were several films shown in the horror montage that shouldn’t be classified in the genre. For example, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, isn’t that more fantasy than horror? Just because vampires and werewolves are in it doesn’t mean it’s scary. The only thing terrifying about that film is the acting and the script. They just put it in there so they could justify having Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart on stage.

Further Reading:

What were some things about last night’s show that got under your skin? Did you notice any of the things I picked out?