We’ve known it was on its way for some time, and finally, it’s here! The premiere of the Tron Legacy trailer online (and in theaters in front of Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3-D). After a short teaser trailer back in July we’ve been waiting for a full length trailer to show us what Tron‘s really got. If you thought the new trailer for Iron Man 2 was amazing, believe me when I say it’s got nothing, NOTHING on Tron Legacy, check it out below…

It’s pretty clear that this film will be a visual masterpiece, with special effects that will boggle the mind. The trailer below only proves that even more. If the people behind this film don’t walk away with the visual effects Oscar this time next year, there will be hell to pay.

In case you’ve been in a cave for the past year or need a little reminder about Tron…. The first movie came out in 1982 and starred Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a man who learned the power of Tron the hard way. Tron Legacy will take place over two decades later, and center on Flynn’s son Sam (Garret Hedlund) who’s just as tech savvy as his father.

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Tron Legacy will hit theaters on December 17th.

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What do you think of the new trailer for Tron Legacy? Do you think it will be the most anticipated film of the year?

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