At this point, is Moneyball nothing but a shadow of its former self? Last year we heard so much about the Steven Soderbergh-Brad Pitt collaboration before it hit the skids after the director jumped ship. Pitt supposedly stayed on board and Capote director Bennett Miller was brought in to direct. Aaron Sorkin was hired to polish the script and lo’ and behold we’ve got a new casting shakeup. According to The Playlist, Jonah Hill has just signed on to co-star in the film replacing Demetri Martin.

Demetri Martin had been attached to Moneyball since the early days of its inception, and after all the drama the film has gone through he’s being replaced. It sounds fishy to me, but Hill will take over his role as Paul DePodesta, an ex-football player and Harvard graduate who helps the A’s perfect their game from a mathematical perspective. When reading that description the one thing that popped out to me was “ex-football” player. Will Hill even elude to looking like a former athlete for this role?

What type of turn has this film taken? Seeing Hill and Pitt going toe to toe over some dialogue doesn’t appeal to me. At first it seemed like this movie had promise, but now I’m not so sure. Hill could surprise us and pull off an amazing and believable performance but it’s one of those things that you’ll have to see to believe.

What do you think of Jonah Hill co-starring in Moneyball with Brad Pitt? Do you think they should have cast someone else? Are you still interested in the film?