Last night at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, the producers of the show decided to put together a solo tribute for director John Hughes, who passed away last year at the young age of 59. In the eighties, the director was known for making films that centered on teenage angst, and he used a core group of actors to bring those stories to life. They were called the “Brat Pack” and they ruled the decade thanks to Hughes frequent use of them in his movies. They all showed up last night to…wait, scratch that, all of them didn’t show up! There were several people missing from the tribute and it pissed me off royally…

The Hughes tribute started with Ms. Pretty in Pink herself Molly Ringwald and Matthew Broderick aka Ferris Bueller giving an introduction to a video package that would feature key scenes and stars from the late director’s films. It was a great way to kick everything off and after showing all those faces who got their early start with Hughes I was amped to see who else would come out and pay their respects.

After the video was over, a group of actors descended upon the stage in the form of Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Macaulay Culkin, Anthony Michael Hall, and Jon Cryer. It was awesome, it was the original members of the Brat Pack together again, but then I realized someone was missing. Where the hell was Emilio Estevez?! We could have had a complete reunion on our hands but he had to be M.I.A.?

Also, it would have been great if all the faces in the Hughes montage that were actually in attendance got on stage to give his family some acknowledgement. I’m not saying they had to each give a lengthy monologue but their presence would have been nice. Alec Baldwin hosted the show for Godsake, and Robert Downey Jr was a presenter but they couldn’t have gone out there? What’s Jennifer Grey busy doing? What about Joan and John Cusack? I take it that James Spader had a more important event to attend that evening. We all know Charlie Sheen is dealing with some legal troubles right now but come on.

Check it out for yourself, exclude the beginning with The Hurt Locker winning Best Original Screenplay. The tribute is broken into two parts and in the first video it starts at 1:30.

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Part 2

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What did you think of the John Hughes Tribute? Did you notice key people missing?