The Fox Network has answered our prayers and renewed the sci-fi series “Fringe” for a third season. Fans suspected that the JJ Abrams creation was teetering on cancellation due to its inconsistent airings this season. But coincidentally, the ratings of the show have made a surprising improvement after the program was moved to Thursdays and according to Deadline Hollywood, Fox is bringing it back for another round.

“Fringe” is a series that goes beyond your mind’s wildest expectations with its subject matter. It’s like ABC’s “Lost” but in the city and not on an island. Fans of the show were worried that it wouldn’t return because of the rocky start to its second season. Any reservations you had can be nipped in the bud because Kevin Reilly, president of entertainment for Fox Broadcasting Company, had nothing but positive things to say about the show.

“Fringe” tapped into a deep creative mine this year that built momentum throughout the season and helped give us our first real foothold on TV’s most competitive night.”

If you want to look at the numerical breakdown of “Fringe’s” performance you can see improvement across the board when it comes to viewership. It helped “boost Fox’s Thursday average rating during the fall among adults 18-49 by 52%,” and it “improved Fox’s performance in the time period by 11% among adults 18-49, and by 33% in total viewers.” In your face naysayers!

As a fan who’s watched the show since episode one, “Fringe” kind of lost its footing at the beginning of this season. The story wasn’t as strong as last year’s so there was a moment of “will this get better” that passed. Lucky for me, the last new episodes renewed my interest and then some thanks to (Spoiler) the Peter/Olivia/alternate universe storyline that we’ve been set up for. I can’t wait to delve into that.

“Fringe” will return after its winter hiatus on April 1st at 9 PM.

Are you glad that Fringe will return for another season? What do you hope to see next year?