Is there anything Betty White can’t do? The lady’s had a resurgence in her career thanks to her stint in last summer’s The Proposal, and people want to see more of her. For weeks fans have been rallying to get the veteran actress to appear on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” as a potential host. Lets be honest she’s a funny woman and the show is in dire need of some grade A material and according to People Magazine, White has confirmed that she will appear on the show.

After White’s unforgettable appearance in a football inspired Super Bowl commercial early last month, a new generation of viewers have been exposed to the actress. They went on to start a Facebook page campaigning to see more of her work, preferably on “Saturday Night Live.” At first, she thought the idea was preposterous but she must have changed her mind because according to her she’s going to be on “SNL.”

When asked by a People correspondent about her stint on the show White stated, “Yes, but I don’t know why or how.” She wouldn’t go into detail about when she’d appear or whether or not it would be a full on hosting job. Entertainment Weekly reported that she might be a part of a Women of Comedy special that “SNL” creator Lorne Michaels would produce featuring alumni like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Unfortunately, he’s denied the rumors regarding the program.

In whatever shape or form she comes in, I’d be happy to see Ms. White on screen. She may be 88 years old but she’s a tough cookie, who’s been around this long for a reason.

Are you excited to see Betty White appear on SNL? Do you think she will be funny?