Walt Disney Pictures has made a TV deal with ABC Family regarding the television rights to Tim Burton’s 3D Fantasy, Alice in Wonderland. The movie debuted this past weekend with a ridiculous three day total of $116.3 million domestically. With that type of success it’s no surprise that ABC wanted to get it while it’s hot.

The cable network is owned by Disney so it’s not that surprising that they’ve secured the TV rights to the film. The one piece of uncertainty overshadowing this purchase is the the 3D aspect of the movie. ABC Family hasn’t decided whether or not the film will be telecast in 3D or 2D.

Also on the horizon for ABC, who’s small slate of acquired features includes the Harry Potter franchise, are the TV rights to John Lee Hancock‘s The Blind Side for which Sandra Bullock won Best Actress at the Oscars.

Both features are set to debut on the small screen in 2012. We’re not sure how much was paid out for the rights but we’re hearing that properties of this magnitude cost around $24 million. A small price to pay for two films that have grossed over 200 million dollars worldwide.

Will you be watching Alice and The Blind Side when they debut on TV? Do you think they should premiere Alice in Wonderland in 3D?

Source: Reuters