Although I was a bit surprised to see Sandra Bullock take the Oscar last night (she did do a fine job in The Blind Side, but I was rooting for new-comer Carey Mulligan or my favorite Helen Mirren), I will say she gave one damn fine speech, one with a bit of humility, a few jokes, acceptance of her peers, a message to the mothers of adopted parents and then a WHOLE lotta talk about making out with the Streeper.

I may be totally behind but I got a littler bit confused when Bullock mentioned for the third time what a great kisser Meryl Streep was, so I did a little digging and I found what I was looking for, a photo of what looks like Bullock forcing her face on Streep’s as they tied at the Critic’s Choice Awards. What I’m sure was a tiny peck turned into a whole lot of gossip with the wrong (or right depending on your preference) angle and a stop in time…

Well Bullock, way to make lemon’s out of lemonade, face the gossip rags and even get a few good laughs from Streep and the audience as you win your first Oscar. Well done! And you got to make out with Meryl Streep to boot… not bad lady, not bad!

For those of you who may have missed Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech or would like to hear it again, we have it for you right here…

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What do you think of Bullock’s way of tackling her kiss with Streep head on?