You all saw it! The Oscars don’t like activists promoting their own causes via posters in the middle of their award ceremony, but Rick O’Barry, the trouble-maker behind the now Academy Award winning documentary The Cove will stop at nothing to get his message across. The film was a success because the film-makers didn’t follow the rules, so why should anything change when they’re accepting an award? I only wish that we could have had a chance to hear what Louie Psihoyos had to say. In case you did catch it, his sign said…

Text Dolphin to 44144

Texting the number will show your support to the cause presented in The Cove help make a difference in the yearly dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan. You will also receive information on your phone (not spam) on how you can make a difference. Find our more about texting the number and how to help support the cause on

A while ago in an interview with O’Barry he looked at me and said… “I just wish I was there, because every minute I’m away I’m not doing anything to save them, when I’m there I can help them…”

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Will Rick, I think it’s safe to say that you may be far away but you’re still causing a stir and making a difference!