The winner of the 2010 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature goes to Up. The film is also nominated for Best Motion Picture in the live action category, but it didn’t surprise anyone that it took top honors in the animated field. Pete Docter accepted the award for the film and thanked his cast, crew, and his family whom he called his “greatest adventure.”

See who Up beat out this year in the Best Animated Feature category…

Nominees for Best Animated Feature were:

Coraline: An adventurous 11 year old named Caroline Jones (Dakota Fanning)  finds another world that is a strangely idealized version of the frustrating home filled with neglectful parents that she calls reality. She soon learns that her new world has sinister secrets in this Henry Selick’s animated family adventure. Teri Hatcher voices the mother in this new world.

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Wes Anderson‘s film, Fantastic Mr. Fox is the story of Mr. Fox (George Clooney) who has to put his wild way behind him and become responsible. This change comes as angry farmers, tired of sharing their chickens with a sly fox, look to get rid of their opponent and his family. Big names such as Meryl Streep, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson have their voices used for the film.

The Princess and the Frog: Set in New Orleans, this romantic fairy tale, written and directed by John Musker and Ron Clements is centered on a young girl named Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) and her fateful kiss with a frog prince who desperately wants to be human again. Also “starring” Bruno Campos, Keith David and even Oprah.

The Secret of Kells: To help complete the ancient magical book, a young Brendan Gleeson (Abbot Cellach) has to overcome his deepest fears on a dangerous quest that takes him into the enchanted forest where mythical creatures hide. Directed by Tomm Moore, this is the animated story of the boy behind the famed Book of Kells. Liam Hourican, Mick Lally and Michael McGrath also lend their voices for the film.

Up: Tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America in Pete Docter’s heartwarming film Up. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn’t alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip.  Also includes the voices of Christopher Plummer and Jordan Nagai.