The 82nd Annual Academy Awards really tried to step it up a notch with this year’s ceremony by having Steve Martin return to host alongside “30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin. Too bad for us, they didn’t really open the show. Instead we got an intro featuring the nominees for Best Lead Actor and Actress followed by a musical number from Neil Patrick Harris. THEN Martin and Baldwin descended onto the stage…literally.

Take a look and judge for yourself…

The banter between the two hosts centered on bashing each other, Meryl Streep, and the rest of Hollywood. I love both of these actors individually but their opening was very awkward. They unleashed all these semi-insults to the nominees in the audience and I wasn’t sure if people would laugh or cry. The one moment that I thought was semi-funny was the joke about James Cameron’s cutaway earning 3 million dollars.

But then they went and cracked a joke about his ex-wife and fellow nominee Kathryn Bigelow, which I thought was awkward. We get it, they used to be married, but please stop. The opening really didn’t do it for me. I expected Grade A material but got a too-bit comedic sketch instead. Hopefully the rest of the show isn’t as weird or tasteless.

Here it is…

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What did you think of Martin and Baldwin’s Oscar opening? Did you get the jokes?