Book’em Danno! Once that order is given, Scott Caan will approach the criminal with handcuffs and take him to be processed. According to THR, Caan has landed a role on the new CBS revamp of “Hawaii Five-O” as Danny “Danno” Williams. He’ll be joining “Lost‘s” Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Chin Ho Kelly, and “Three Rivers‘” Alex O’Loughlin who’ll star as Steve McGarrett.

Caan has appeared in several big screen projects with the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy being the most successful. He’ll now take a shot at primetime television with the newly revamped “Hawaii Five-O” created by Star Trek scribes, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and “CSI: NY‘ executive producer Peter Lenkov.

Caan will star as “a New Jersey cop who has recently undergone an acrimonious divorce and has transferred to Hawaii to be near his 7-year-old daughter. Forced to partner with McGarrett, Danno is initially leery of their association — but as he grows more familiar with his maverick new boss, he begins to appreciate the opportunity to work with McGarrett.”

Each episode of “Hawaii Five-O” typically closed with “book’em Danno,” a tradition sources expect to continue with the remake. Now that this role has been cast, reality is setting in. This show is really going to happen. It feels like we’re trapped in a time machine with all these series and movies from the past getting remade or rebooted with “Hawaii Five-O” andThe Rockford Files.” Is it the seventies? What year is this?

What do you think about Scott Caan being cast as Dan in Hawaii Five-O? Will you watch the show?