Head for the hills, two time Oscar winner Robert De Niro has decided to ruin a film that brought so many of us joy and laughter. According to Deadline Hollywood, the legendary actor will reprise his role as Jack Walsh in Midnight Run 2. The 1988 Martin Brest flick is getting a sequel, Universal has hired a screenwriter to produce a new story, and for some odd reason De Niro’s on board with it.

If this sounds insane it should. The original Midnight Run starred De Niro alongside Charles Grodin as a bounty hunter assigned to track down a mob accountant and bring him back to Los Angeles. Not only will De Niro return to his role as Walsh but he’s also on board as a producer on the film. The new story details haven’t been revealed but we do know that Grodin has not signed on to co-star.

The screenplay for the film will be written by Tim Dowling, and the plot will have Walsh chasing down a new fugitive (vague much?).Grodin apparently won’t return because he’s retired from acting and has taken on a gig as a broadcast journalist, which is so sad for people raised in the 80′s and 90′s. He appeared in so many of my favorite childhood films, remember Beethoven?

As for De Niro, he’s had a streak of starring in sequels that don’t need to be made including, Analyze That, Meet the Fockers, and now Midnight Run 2? Lets all let out a united, sigh.

What do you think of De Niro returning to Midnight Run? Who should they partner him with?