Why are they remaking Pet Sematary? Even when the original came out it was kind of, “meh,” but the folks over at Paramount have decided that the Stephen King novel deserves another shot at the big screen. According to THR, they’ve hired a screenwriter to revamp the story and it’s none other than the man behind the 2007 horror flick, 1408.

The lucky screenwriter who’s landed the gig is Matthew Greenberg, who has experience with King’s material with 1408 being another novel adaptation of his. The Pet Sematary remake has been sitting at Paramount for the longest and the studio recently began to piece together the film when Lorenzo di Bonaventura came on board to produce.

Pet Sematary was published in 1983, and centered on a family that trades the city life for the country life in Maine, then discovers that they have moved near a pet cemetery that rests on an ancient burial ground. When the husband’s toddler son is killed in an auto accident, the father takes the boy’s body to the cemetery, where it is resurrected in demonic form.

When the first film came out 1989, I’ll admit that the little kid was creepy, but it was such a B-movie. It didn’t have the same quality as Carrie and definitely not The Shining. Besides the kid, the one thing that creeps me out more than anything is cats and just the thought of them dead or alive lurking in the shadows in terrifying. This remake doesn’t interest me in the least.

What do you think of them remaking Pet Sematary? Would you go see the film? Did you enjoy Greenberg’s previous work, 1408?