Last week the shortlist of actors in the running for the title role in Marvel’s Captain America was revealed and two of the contenders are already out of the casting race. According to several reports, Scott Porter and Michael Cassidy won’t be starring in The First Avenger: Captain America or leading The Avengers to glory in either of the self titled films.

The original group of actors who made it to the Captain America semi-finals included, John Krasinski, Mike Vogel, Patrick Flueger, Chace Crawford, Garret Hedlund and of course Porter and Cassidy. Out of that bunch, the latter two were my top picks for the the role, so the news that they’ve been cut blows. Cassidy took to his official Twitter Page and broke the news to the world before any media outlet could report it. He simply wrote, “No Captain America for me.”

As for Porter, he recently signed on to star in a new TV series for The CW, which would be impossible to film if he took on the Captain America role. The show will be called “Nomads” and will center on “a group of young backpackers who work odd jobs for the CIA. Porter will play John, a magnetic and forceful college grad who is determined to find his missing brother.” It will be an hour long drama, that will feature Porter as one of the leads, so buh bye Cap.

On the outside, it looks like both of these actors would be insane to pass up such an amazing film opportunity, but there’s more than what meets the eye. Over at Deadline Hollywood, they revealed that the actor of choice will have to “sign a contract for another nine options (for future films) that include sequels, Avengers movies, or anything else Marvel decides,” and take a base pay of $300,000, unless their TV stars like Krasinki and Crawford, then maybe they’ll get a little more.

Out of the five that are left, I guess Vogel and Flueger are my next choices. God these are some slim pickings!

What do you think of the five remaining actors in contention for Captain America? Who should play the role that’s not mentioned on the list?

Source: EW