Michelle Rodriguez has been added to the final season of “Lost” as one of the many returning cast members who’ve appeared on the show during its six year run. The actress made her debut back in season 2, but left to focus on her feature film career. According to EW, she’ll return to her old TV stomping grounds one last time before ABC pulls the plug.

If you haven’t caught up on “Lost,” or you’re thinking about getting into the show, this post includes spoilers so enter at your own risk. Spoilers: Rodriguez starred as Ana Lucia on the series, but unfortunately got killed off at the end of season 2. She did manage to make a brief appearance in season 5 in one of Hurley’s visions but other than that she’s been M.I.A. Rodriguez is the latest of many actors from the dead past who’ll be returning to the show including Maggie Grace, Cynthia Watros, and Rebecca Mader.

I’m assuming that all of these characters like Ana Lucia will appear in the alternate timelines, since that’s where two other goners (Boone and Charlie) popped up earlier this season. Sources close to the show say that she will appear in at least one episode before the show wraps. I think it’s interesting that all of these dead people are getting the opportunity to wrap up old storylines. Will the same happen for Paulo and Nikki? Ha! Just kidding, no one cared about those two.

What do you think of Michelle Rodriguez’ return to Lost? How do you think her character’s story arc will end?