On February 22nd, the National Resources Defense Council held a benefit event for the environment with a special focus on the environmental theme from James Cameron‘s Avatar. KCRW’s Elvis Mitchell conducted an interview with Cameron about his recent blockbuster hit and how he’s using the film to help promote environmentalism (just in time for the Oscars of course).

The entire interview will be available online though a special KCRW web episode of the KCRW show, The Treatment, on Friday, March 5th. You can listen to the 40 minute interview here on the KCRW website.

There are some very interesting parts of the discussion. It really doesn’t feel like an interview, and more of a conversation between the two. Although the focus was supposed to be on the environment and how to help it, there seemed to be a great deal more discussion one how the filmmakers created the planet, the plants, the colors, and the feeling the filmmakers wanted to convey throughout the film than on the actual environment itself.

What do you think? Is Cameron trying to help the environment or push his film?