The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Sacha Baron Cohen have agreed to disagree. Just a week ago, it was announced that the Borat and Bruno alter ego Baron Cohen was to present an Oscar and preform a skit during this Sunday’s live TV broadcast. But now, New York Magazine’s Vulture reports that one of the broadcast’s producers was scared Baron Cohen might offend the infamous Avatar director James Cameron with his skit.

With Baron Cohen’s last prank being that his bare buttocks fell straight into Eminem‘s face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, the Oscar producer might have been right on when he decided Baron Cohen’s skit might be too risky for an Oscar event. So what’s all the fuss over? Here’s what Vulture described it as:

“Baron Cohen planned to appear onstage as a blue-skinned, female Na’vi, with Ben Stiller translating “her” interplanetary speech. As the skit went on, though, it would become clear that Stiller wasn’t translating properly, because Cohen would grow ever more upset. At its climax, an infuriated Baron Cohen would pull open “her” evening gown to reveal that s/he was pregnant, knocked up with Cameron’s love child, and would go on to confront her baby daddy as if s/he were on Jerry Springer.”

This is nothing compared to what Eminem had to go through, but given that Cameron is a much more serious person than the famous rapper, Baron Cohen’s skit does seem to be crossing the line.

A spokesperson for Baron Cohen said:

“I hate to use the term, because it’s so ubiquitous, but there were ‘creative differences.’ Nothing acrimonious, but both sides felt that since they couldn’t agree, [Cohen] might as well remain in London.”

So Baron Cohen is staying in London, while Cameron sits in a comfy chair at the Oscar ceremony this Sunday. If it means that Cameron won’t be storming out of the Oscar ceremony, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What do you think about Cohen not being allowed to present his skit?