How is this possible? “Smallville” the long running Superman inspired television series has just been renewed for a 10th season. Are you surprised? It’s been on the fence for what seems like ages, but we’re hearing from various sources including THR and EW that it’s coming back. What do you think about that?

The news regarding “Smallville’s” return just broke so there aren’t any major details to divulge, but the fact that the show is going strong despite its recent problems is amazing. When it debuted on The CW a few years ago it seemed as if the quality had significantly decreased. Then, Michael Rosenbaum and Kristen Kreuk both left the show, even though they were core characters from the original cast. Their absence was a major blow to the storylines and the overall morale of the series, but despite that executives stress that the series has been on the up and up.

The drama has “dramatically improved” the network’s performance on the night in all major demo categories, including adults 18-34 (up 67 percent) men 18-34 (up 200 percent), adults 18-49 (up 75 percent), men 18-49 (183 percent) and total viewers (74 percent).

Where can “Smallville” go from here? There are so many stories that have already been told with Clark, Lois, Chloe, The Daily Planet, and everything else under the sun. How will they keep it fresh? I’m assuming The CW wants to keep the audiences for both “Supernatural” and “Smallville” steady so rather than get rid of one they’ve decided to keep both. Personally, I think there are several shows on that network that need to go away *cough “One Tree Hill” cough.

Do you think The CW should have renewed Smallville for another season? Do you think the show has enough material to last another season?