The cast continues to grow for Woody Allen’s untitled Parisian project. The award winning director has managed to snag Rachel McAdams for a part in the film, that will feature her Wedding Crashers co-star Owen Wilson, and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard. After coming off last December’s Sherlock Holmes, a small Woody Allen movie might be a refreshing break for the actress.

Woody Allen is notoriously known for not divulging specifics when it comes to his developing projects. When we say he keeps the details under wraps we mean it. The only thing we know for sure is the setting, which will be a backdrop of Paris, France. We also know that the shoot is scheduled to begin sometime this summer.

Allen’s films typically take place in New York City but lately he’s been taking a more international approach. With the exception of last year’s Whatever Works, it’s been a while since we’ve seen that old school New Yorker mentality pop up in his movies. We also don’t know if this will be a comedy or a drama, Wilson’s casting might indicate that humor will be involved, but who knows? He might surprise us with something darker.

What do you think about McAdams reuniting with Owen Wilson for a Woody Allen film? Do you miss the director’s New York based movies?

Source: Reuters