The Argentinian Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla is hitting the town of Austin this spring to lead a conversation with SXSW goers. SXSW is a huge event that combines film and music, so bringing Santaolalla in for a chat seems like a treat to anyone who plans to be there from March 12 through the 21st.

Santaolalla first came into the music industry in the 70s with his Latino folk/rock band Arco Iris. Then he went solo; and in 2000 he did what any talented musician should do at some time in their life — he scored a film. So at this event, Santaolalla will focus on his career as a film composer and record producer. Anyone looking to do this in the future should definitely attend.

The event is hosted by BMI, which will also be hosting another panel discussion with a various amount of artists who have one foot in film and another in music. “Sound Decisions: A reality Check on Using Music in Film” will bring together the likes of rock singer Michael Des Barres, Runaway‘s producer Kim Fowley, and Kick Ass’ composer Ilan Eshkeri. These experts will discuss the tactics of “finding a film’s sound” and other similar subjects.

Consider this your musical education for two days. “Sound Decisions” will take place on Sunday, March 14 at 11 a.m. and “Conversations with Gustavo Santaolalla” on Tuesday, March 16 at 2 p.m. Both will take place in the Austin Convention Center, so be there or be square.

Do you plan to go? Let us know!