It looks like we’re going to get another big screen adaptation of The Shadow in our lifetime thanks to the people over at 20th Century Fox. According to Latino Review, the studio has picked up the rights to Sam Raimi’s version of the vintage character that Sony was previously rumored to produce, but after the Spider-Man debacle are we really surprised they didn’t follow through?

The last time most of us saw a live action version of The Shadow it was back in the nineties, with a film that starred Alec Baldwin. The slender, serious Alec Baldwin, not the “30 Rock” guy you see today. The Shadow was an old school pulp hero in every sense of the word. The character originated in 1931 on a CBS radio show, which aimed to boost the magazine circulation of sponsor Street & Smith. The character was actually the moniker for the announcer, and listeners began demanding stories based on the name.

According to sources, David Slade (30 Days of Night, The Twilght Saga: Eclipse) might be on board to direct the film instead of Raimi. The visual look of The Shadow definitely goes with Slade’s aesthetic so the film isn’t that much of a creative stretch for him. Raimi was long rumored to helm the project but he got swept up in the Spider-Man universe and never got around to it.

Do you think David Slade should direct The Shadow? Do you think the character can generate interest in this day and age?