The release of Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is getting closer and closer, and over at Yahoo Movies they’ve premiered the final poster for the film. The movie doesn’t debut in theaters until June 18th, but after months of character banners, posters, and trailers, the studio has released their last piece of photo material. It features all the toys literally crammed on to one sheet, which makes us realize there are a lot of characters in this thing!

The premise of Toy Story 3 surrounds Andy’s move to college and the toys needing to find a new home. Andy’s mother wants to put Buzz,Woody, and the rest of the gang out to pasture but somehow they end up at a daycare center. The joyous event soon turns sour when they realize that toddler’s aren’t that gentle or clean. From that point on, they devise a plan to break out of the daycare by any means necessary.

In the photo, all of the toys are present even the new ones like Ken, Buttercup, and Peas-in-a-Pod, but am I the only one creeped out by the baby doll? It looks intoxicated, like it had a rough night at the nursery. Other than that, it’s cool to see all the characters together. My only concern is whether or not there will enough story for all of our favorites from the past. Bring on the new characters if they’re funny and interesting but I don’t want Buzz, Woody, or Rex shortchanged for anybody.

What do you think about the final poster for Toy Story 3? What do you think of all the new characters?