Rob Lowe has literally been hopping from one television show to the next over the past decade, and he refuses to stop. The actor has starred on shows from every major network, but he’s returning to where he had the most success, NBC. According to Zap2it, the actor will tackle a comedic role when he appears on the Amy Poehler led series, “Parks and Recreation.

If you weren’t aware, earlier this year it was announced that Lowe would be leaving his regular stint on ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” at the end of this season. It wasn’t really bad news because the network was planning to give the actor his own series, but it seems like those plans have hit the skids. Instead, Lowe has signed on to star in “Parks and Recreation” alongside Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Aziz Ansari.

NBC sources confirm that the actor will star in a multi-episode arc on the show, with his first appearance near the end of this season, which will carry over into the next. His character is rumored to be involved in politics with some type of “big wig” agenda, but no other specifics have been given.

Rob Lowe’s agent needs to get a raise. I haven’t seen this guy OFF my screen in nearly a decade. He hops from one successful series to another, and he’s always leaving on “his terms.” It must be nice.

What do you think about the addition of Rob Lowe to the cast of Parks and Recreation? Who do you think he’ll play?