A new poster has been released for Samuel Bayer’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and it features a full sized Freddy Krueger. In the other posters for the film we’ve only been exposed to a shadow of his face or his hand, but this time around we get to see his entire figure. It looks like the director and Platinum Dunes are really trying to tap into Freddy’s old school horror image, and it’s working.

The original film was directed by horror legend Wes Craven and was released on November 16, 1984. The remake will drop on April 30th, and will star Rooney Mara, Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, and Thomas Dekker as a group of suburban teens being haunted and killed in their sleep.

Similar to the original story, in this film Krueger is hunted down by the parents of a small town and burned alive for his heinous crimes against children. As his final act of revenge he decides to continue his killing spree but inside the subconscious of kids where no one can save them.

What do you think of the latest poster from A Nightmare on Elm Street? Are you interested in seeing the movie?