Former child star and resident womanizer on “How I Met Your Mother,” Neil Patrick Harris has landed a major film role. According to Deadline Hollywood, he’ll take on the lead in the upcoming big screen adaptation of The Smurfs. The film will be a mix of live action and CGI animation, so the big question is which part of the spectrum will Harris be on?

If you were hoping for Harris to be one of the blue tinted forest creatures, it’s not going to happen. He won’t lend his voice to one of the Smurfs, but he will be featured as the lead live action character in the film. The Smurfs will be directed by Raja Gosnell and will fit perfectly into Harris’ schedule because the production starts in April when he’s on hiatus from his show.

The Smurfs was a popular Hanna-Barbera series that ran almost ten years on television gaining fans from all over the world. It centered on a group of little blue men who wore white pants and hats and lived in a happy forest without a care in the world. I for one, am happy to see Harris in anything these days. He made a major comeback this decade with “How I Met Your Mother,” making people realize how talented he really is.

He can sing, he can dance, and apparently he can hang with Smurfs.

What do you think about Harris being cast in the Smurfs movie?