French producer Nicolas Chartier who was a part of the Best Picture nominated film The Hurt Locker has been banned from attending the Oscar awards ceremony this Sunday due to an e-mail he sent. According to USA Today, Chartier is being punished for trying to sway Oscar voters towards his film by talking trash about a fellow nominee.

Chartier sent Oscar voters an e-mail urging them to support the low budget Iraq war drama directed by Kathryn Bigelow over  “a $500 million film” — an obvious dig at James Cameron’s monster blockbuster Avatar. Chartier angered the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who were contemplating not only banning Cartier but also taking away his film’s nomination.

Avatar has grossed millions and is more than likely going to win Best Picture at the Oscars no matter how many e-mails Chartier sends Oscar voters. I think even Chartier knows this and was acting in a state of desperation.

Do you think Cartier went too far with his e-mails? What do you think of the decision to ban him from the Oscars?