Plenty of high-profile movies will be hitting DVD shelves this week, led by blockbuster 2012 and the pretend blockbuster Where The Wild Things Are. It’s an even bigger haul for Japanese animation fans as Hayao Miyazaki has four films set for release including his latest Ponyo.

Check it all out below. . .



Admit it, you liked this movie. Just go ahead and admit it. It may have been crap, but it was glorious crap, gloriously entertaining crap. Probably more so than many of the “good” movies you saw this year.

Think of this way, six months from now, you’ll be getting home from the bar and it’s 2AM. You’re not sleepy yet, so you dial up channel 500 from your DirecTV and start scrolling through all the movie channels and there they are:

One on top of each other it’s Up In the Air with all the firing and introspection, while 2012 is in the midst of all the action. Which one are you going to click on? When you need nothing more than some mindless entertainment at a certain point in the evening, what will be your selection?

I think you know the answer, and you can enjoy the froth anytime when you Buy The DVD.

Where The Wild Things Are

There’s an ugly little secret about this movie that film critics and hipster moviegoers don’t want known. The movie was a bomb.

It wasn’t a mega-bomb on the par of Poseidon, but this was a bomb all the same. It cost $100 million to make (before marketing), and made only $93 million around the world. If you make a conservative estimate that the studio spent $30 million marketing the movie – that’s a net loss of $37 million if you’re scoring at home.

Yet, if you listen to most of the web press, this pretentious kiddie flick was a massive hit. Sure, it opened well ($32MM on its opening weekend) but that was nearly one-third of the film’s entire worldwide gross, meaning it completely fell off a cliff after its first week, indicating it was widely detested by audiences.

Still, if you listen to critics and most other film writers, they’ll pretend this was a sweeping success and monumental achievement, not the money-loosing crowd displeaser that the numbers indicate.

So if you like it, Buy The DVD, the studio needs the cash.



All we have this week is a couple of TV Land series:

  • “Designing Women”: Season 3 – Buy Now
  • “Matlock”: Season 4 – Buy Now


Hayao Miyazaki DVDs

With the release of renowned animation master Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film, Ponyo on DVD – Disney has rolled out three more classics from this legend of the medium on two-disc special edition discs.

These discs are loaded with extras including original storyboards, trailers and documentaries on the making of each film.

These new releases include:

What DVD will you be picking up this week?