Three time Academy Award winning director Woody Allen will begin production on his next film this summer, and he’s bringing Marion Cotillard with him. According to Deadline Hollywood, the French actress has landed a plum role in his latest project that will have her opposite Owen Wilson. This will be another one of many films that Allen has tackled in recent years that uses a European country as its backdrop.

The untitled film is being financed by the Spanish production company, Mediapro whom Allen currently has a three-picture deal with. With the project’s Parisian backdrop, Cotillard sounds like a logical choice, even amongst rumors that France’s First Lady Carla Bruni was in the running for a role. Cotillard is best known for her roles in Nine and Public Enemies, as well as her Oscar winning performance in La Vie En Rose.

Since the feature is still in the pre-production stages there hasn’t been a lot of info released regarding its plot. This shouldn’t come as a shock since Allen is known for keeping his projects low key until they’ve wrapped. In the meantime, be on the look out for his upcoming film, You Will Meet a Dark Stranger, which recently wrapped production.

What is your favorite Woody Allen film? How do you feel about his move away from New York to international locations?