What is the logic behind making Big Momma’s House 3? Last year we learned that 20th Century Fox and Regency had plans to turn the Martin Lawrence comedy series into a trilogy when they hired a screenwriter. Now we’re hearing a new casting and story development that has to do with Tropic Thunder’s Brandon T. Jackson.

In the third film Jackson will play Trent, the 17 year old nephew of Lawrence’s character, Malcolm Turner. After Trent witnesses a murder he and his uncle must go undercover at an all girls school as Big Momma and Charmaine, and they must find the murderer before he finds them. John Whitesell, who directed the second film will return for the third, with production scheduled to begin this April in Atlanta.

Brandon T. Jackson has a youthful look, but this guy is knocking on 26, why is he still playing teenagers? I just saw him a couple of weeks about in Percy Jackson and The Olympians and he was a bit much. Secondly, why must they double the cross-dressing power in this film? More wigs and makeup, doesn’t automatically equal hilarity. This isn’t very inspiring.

What do you think about Brandon T. Jackson joining Big Momma’s House 3?

Source: Variety