The new CBS series “Undercover Boss” has become a major hit for the network gaining millions of fans all over the country. The show centers on high powered executives (preferably CEOs) of multimillion dollar companies who slum it out with their entry level workers under a fake identity. Something as campy as this wouldn’t go unnoticed for long so “Saturday Night Live” decided to poke fun at the show with their skit entitled “Undercover Celebrity Boss.

Some of the famous executives they tackle include Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who’s obsessed with making an Apple version of everything, including a trash can. They even went after Virgin boss Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire whose cover is blown when he shows up to work in a space shuttle. Yeah, when you have that type of money you can do those kind of things. Out of the entire bunch, the best parody had to be of Martha Stewart who was asked why she wasn’t doing the dishes, and she simply replied because, “I’m Martha F*cking Stewart.”

You can check out the entire skit below and tell us which was your favorite in the comments section.

What do you think of SNL’s take on Undercover Boss? Did you think it was funny?