Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black has landed a new gig according to an exclusive report from Pajiba. For his next project he’ll take on another ground breaking political figure, but this one will be a lot more notorious than Harvey Milk. Universal Pictures and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment are looking to tackle a biopic based on the life of J.Edgar Hoover.

The last time we saw Hoover depicted on the big screen it was in last summer’s Michael Mann drama, Public Enemies. He was played by Billy Crudup (above) in a small supporting role as the corrupt good guy opposite Johnny Depp’s John Dillinger. The new film, which is now being called Hoover will center on “the career of the F.B.I. Director who founded the organization in 1935 and remained director until his death in 1972.”

Hoover is responsible for making the FBI the strong power structure it is today, but the road from its humble beginnings is paved with questionable activities. Black has tackled real public figures in the past and he’s done very well with it, but the success of this film might hinge on the audience’s interest in Hoover.

There have been several movies made in the past that center on the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., some were great while others bored us out of our minds. Which category do you think Hoover will fall into?

What do you think about Dustin Lance Black taking on a J. Edgar Hoover biopic? Are you interested in hearing about his life?