Was there ever a doubt in anyone’s mind that Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of The Hobbit might be in 3D? Apparently it’s the wave of the future even though the technology has been around for 50 years. According to the fan forum The One Ring, the director went on to confirm what we’ve suspected all along.

Last year when asked about the possibility of a 3D Hobbit everyone involved was quick to nip that rumor in the bud. It was like 3D was kryptonite and The Hobbit was Superman. But the tide has changed and it sounds like del Toro’s open to the idea after all. He took to the Lord of the Rings board to declare his interest in the 3D technology, but prefaced it by saying we shouldn’t read too much into it.

I wouldn’t read much on it just yet, but now, after all this time, after AVATAR doing the Box Office it did, we have had [enquiries] from above about The Hobbit being in 3-D. No impositions or heavy leaning. Just [enquiries]. Just fulfilling my promise to let you all know if discussions ever started.



It sounds like The Hobbit is another one of the many victims left in Avatar‘s wake. Thanks to that film’s success it’s like everything has to be in 3D, and that’s not a good thing. It’s lazy and gimmicky on the studio’s part. Even though del Toro is a visual genius, the story of The Hobbit can sustain our attention without the “aid” of another dimension.

Do you think The Hobbit should be in 3D? Should they leave it traditional?