Most of us aren’t old enough to remember the popular series “The Rockford Files” that aired from 1974-1980. It starred James Garner as a private eye who had his own way of getting things done. According to Reuters, we can expect to see a new Jim Rockford on our television screens next fall and this time he’ll be played by My Best Friend’s Wedding star, Dermot Mulroney.

There are entirely too many TV reboots happening during this year’s pilot season and there’s nothing we can do about them. Dermot Mulroney was known for being the “it” guy in the late eighties and throughout the nineties but after the turn of the century his career simmered down a bit. The actor is trying something new, and “The Rockford Files” will mark his first stint as a television regular.

The show will be executive produced and written by “House” creator David Shore, which means it could be a surprise hit. The new Rockford character is described as “slightly crumpled, wry humored, cynical, world weary, compassionate when it’s called for and easily irritated by morons.” I don’t know about you but doesn’t that sound like House with a P.I. license?

The one question I want answered is, how will this impact the ongoing quest for viewers to learn the difference between Dermot Mulroney and Dylan McDermott? “The Rockford Files” will air on the NBC network.

What do you think of Dermot Mulroney being cast as the new Jim Rockford? Do you think the show should be remade?